How To Reach Out To -- And Serve -- Clients With Special Planning Needs

Tuesday, August 02, 2011 05:45
How To Reach Out To -- And Serve -- Clients With Special Planning Needs

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About 15% to 20% of the U.S. population has special mental or physical needs. Working with these people and their families can be rewarding, but the conversation has to start point blank.

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Mary Anne Ehlert, an Illinois planner, has written a great guide to the field for all types of advisors. 


As she notes, many advisors have no idea that their clients have special needs children or other relatives on their minds.


Since many of these children live at home and will probably outlive their primary caregivers, she says, it is crucial to keep them on the planning screen at all times.


But that can't happen unless you ask your clients if anyone in the family needs special care and, if so, what that care entails.


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Having raised a son who was born in 1976 with spina bifida, which caused paralysis of his lower limbs and related medical challenges, I have keen appreciation for Ms. Ehlert's thoughts. There are wide and varied ranges of matters that have to be addressed which evolve and change over time. Accordingly, over the past 35 years, it has been my blessed fortune to provide clients with guidance on numerous matters pertaining to finance, development of and the effecting of estate documents, family care issues, severe and ongoing medical challenges, etc. During these years, I have been privileged to walk with my clients down that inevitable path of life when their child dies. I encourage planners to seek a deep and constructive understanding of the family dynamics when conducting planning on such matters involving special needs children, and in elder care planning.

RBell 8/02/11
rogerb540 , August 02, 2011
Hi Roger -- thanks for reading and commenting. Thanks also for bringing up eldercare. Sooner or later, every multigenerational client family is going to require special medical attention one way or another, which means thinking like yours should be universal among planners.
ScottMartin , August 02, 2011

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