Do Your Clients Want To Be Independent, Too?

Thursday, September 15, 2011 07:53
Do Your Clients Want To Be Independent, Too?

Advisors love the freedom to chart their own destiny. As it turns out, most of your working clients may feel the same way.

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Recent survey numbers from Aflac were aimed at uncovering how much employer-paid health insurance people want.


But they also discovered that 77% of the people who work for someone else would rather strike out on their own.


That's a pretty big financial goal.


Planners often ask clients what they want from their money and when they want to retire, but the notion of quitting a highly compensated job early to start something new is rarely mentioned.


After all, current income is the bedrock of a lot of plans at the accumulation stage.


Still, would it make your clients happier to quit and start a second career? Do you know?


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