Pickens Revives Texas Wind-Farm Development Plans

Friday, April 06, 2012 10:39
Pickens Revives Texas Wind-Farm Development Plans

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Three years ago, T. Boone Pickens designed a wind farm project that would have been the largest in the world. Having abandoned that project for lack of adequate power lines, the renewable energy company he founded in 2007, Mesa Power Group LLC, is partnering with Wind Tex Energy LLP to develop a smaller wind farm named Stephens Bor-Lynn. A revised contract from original plan will create 233 wind turbines with 1.6 megawatts each.

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Pickens’ company owns a significant portion of Stephens Bor-Lynn. A joint venture between two other companies will result in a power linen to transmit the energy produced by the wind farm.
Wind energy is considered a renewable energy and has been produced in Holland for hundreds of years. The blade is designed to function much like an airplane propeller. Low pressure air under the blades creates a pull that causes the blades to rotate. This rotation causes a generator to make electricity.


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