GoToMyPC Launches iPad App Allowing You To Control Your PC From Your Tablet

Tuesday, March 01, 2011 09:19
GoToMyPC Launches iPad App Allowing You To Control Your PC From Your Tablet

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Citrix Systems, Inc. announced that its GoToMyPC for iPad® is now available on the iPad App Store, allowing you to access files, programs and network resources on your Mac or PC from an iPad.

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The announcement is another step in the march that will make tablets and mobile devices rule the world of personal computing.
Reviews of GoToMyPc’s iPad app were not over the top raves, but good enough.
“During our test drive of the app, it was pretty responsive,” according to one review. “We could edit a document on the iPad and watch the desktop access a desktop or laptop computer from Apple's popular tablet. Using the app, one can control any machine with the GoToMYPC software installed on it and operate it as though they were sitting in front of it.”
Translating the touch-screen features of the iPad to control a PC or Mac requires screen taps. Tapping the screen with two fingers is analogous to a right-click on a desktop, while a three-finger tap of the iPad screen will toggle the virtual keyboard. 

PCWorld says the app is useful “as an insurance plan” if you need remote access to your PC while on the road.


The GoToMyPC iPad app came the same day that Motorola said All of Motorola's high-end smartphones will soon be able to work with a docking station that provides them with a large screen and keyboard when needed.


"Motorola earlier this year introduced the Atrix, an Android phone that will be available from AT&T starting on Sunday. The Atrix can be connected to a docking station that looks like a laptop but has no CPU, providing users with the screen and keyboard," says PCWorld.


Meanwhile, Microsoft is reportedly taking a more Apple-like approach to interface design this time around with Windows 8 tablet deign, and will also be using concepts from the "Metro" interface developed for Windows Phone.


What we're seeing in these announcements is a movement in which mobile devices are supplanting PCs. The processor speeds on tablets are already able to support running Microsoft Office apps. In fact, that's one of the sales points of the new Motorola Xoom tablet that just debuted.


This movement will take two or three years to be widely embraced by consumers, but eventually we'll all be replacing out laptops and desktops with tablets and smartphones.





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LogMeIn also has an iphone and ipad app which also allows you to connect to any computer you have the software installed on. In addition, LogMeIn has a free service ( that allows you to share your computer screen with a client or vice versa. I use it to teach people how to navigate the Vault!!!
pauls325 , March 01, 2011
I've been using for several months and it's great. It's much lighter for screen sharing than GoToMeeting or WebEx, and it's free. Of course, the free version does not have all the bells and whistles of GoToMeeting, but it is great for on the fly screen sharing.
If you are remotely controlling your desktop from a tablet or smartphone, please let us know how you like it. Is there a delay in using apps on your desktop computer? Do you use it just once in a while or all the time?
agluck , March 02, 2011

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