HP TouchPad Struts Its Stuff Before Launch, But Is It Enough?

Monday, June 13, 2011 20:37
HP TouchPad Struts Its Stuff Before Launch, But Is It Enough?

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A new batch of videos touting the TouchPad's key features were posted to YouTube by HP, ahead of the tablets' launch on July 1 (starting at $499).

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The videos, one of which is embedded below, show off the TouchPad's card-based multitasking that lets users run lots of apps at once, and the "Synergy" feature that combines multiple e-mail, contacts and calendar sources into a single view.


"What HP doesn't show in these videos," says Time's tech blog, "are the TouchPad's inherent weaknesses: The hardware, while comparable to other current tablets in raw power, measures closer to Apple's first-generation iPad than the thinner and lighter iPad 2."


"And if you want to see what apps are available" adds Time TechLand Blogger Jared Newman, "you'll just have to wait."


Still, HP's entrance into the tablet war being fought by Apple, Google., and Microsoft is great for consumers because. HP makes hardware as well as software. Controlling both hardware and software of a device sure has worked for Apple.


Plus, HP's new operating system, WebOS, represents the first generation effort since HP acquired the Palm a year ago. People used to love Palm and it is still called the most usable mobile OS of all.


While Apple has a huge lead in the tablet war, consumers are fickle and HP could be a long term player in the tablet arena.



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