Mobile Headphones For Use On A Cellphone, Computer And Airplane

Sunday, August 28, 2011 21:19
Mobile Headphones For Use On A Cellphone, Computer And Airplane

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If you’re on an airplane once every few months or making VOIP calls from your computer, you want to own a headphone with a microphone for Internet phone calls, and you also want it to be good enough for music-listening and watching TV on an airplane. You can also use the headset with your cell phone, by the way. Instead of buying multiple headsets, you get just one, but you make it the right one for doing everything you need.

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(The aforementioned specification may be freely reused by A4A members to explain to your spouse why you just spent $200 on headphones.)

Seriously, though, a good mobile headphone comes in handy.
For example, if you aspire to make your own content to market your advisory practice, you’ll need to be able to record and edit sound or video files on your computer. ,A good quality mobile headset is essential for doing that kind of painstaking work.
I tend to like these toys and don’t buy the cheap stuff.

In a moment of uncharacteristic frugality about four months ago, I purchased Zagg Earbuds, which retails for $50. They were good but not great. 

The problem: the placement of the volume control. It's attached to the headset wire a few inches below the microphone. (See the yellow arrow.) I'd inadvertently slide the volume control to zero once or twie a day, and then not realize why I could hear nothing. 

Last week, when I stood up the volume control got wedged between my chest and the edge of a tabl and snapped off. The earbuds went into the trash.

To replace them, I bought a Bose Mobile On Ear Headset.  They’re great so far.
While at $200 they cost four times more than the Zagg Earbuds, they're 100 times better for listening.

Also, the microphone works much better. People can hear me better when I'm on the phone using my cell or computer to make calls.

In addition, the wire attached that goes into the headset unplugs from near the top of the headset. So, if the wire gets snagged on something, the wire unplugs instead of snapping and rendering the headset permanently unusable. Good design.


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Suprised you did not mention Plantronics Gear or the catalog company Hello Direct which carries multitudes of headsets for every conceivable use at excellent prices.
mitchellkeil , August 29, 2011
Plantronics versus Jabra, Bose, and others? Several brands are good. Hardware quality is usually not where people get screwed up, however. It's finding the exact right model to match their specific situation. But I've hard good experiences with Hello Direct. Amazon is great.
agluck , August 29, 2011
For those advisors that may be looking for a less expensive option try the Bluetooth headset from Motorola. The Motorokr S305 rests comfortably on your ears, lets you answer and make phone calls in addition to receiving excellent fidelity from the music on your phone. I've purchased 3 of these headsets ($30) as I run with them, use them when grocery shopping and any other place I may need to check voice mail. I hope this helps you!
gregw626 , August 30, 2011
Motorokr S305 cannot be used on an airplane. I want one great headphone, not two or three good ones. I've also been frustrated with Bluetooth headsets un-pairing with my computer.
agluck , September 10, 2011

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