PC Makers Embracing Ultrabooks; For Advisors, They Pack Power And Are Portable

Monday, January 16, 2012 10:21
PC Makers Embracing Ultrabooks; For Advisors, They Pack Power And Are Portable

Ultrabooks will be the focus of PC makers in 2012. They have the processor speed to run multiple applications at once and are lightweight. Will advisors embrace them? 


The New York Times reports on ultrabooks -- PCs weighing about three pounds and under an inch thick -- and provides a good overview. But will advisors buy them?

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I've been using an ultraportable laptop for about eight years. Ultraportables were predecessors to ultrabooks, but they cost twice as much. 


Getting the power of a desktop in a computer that weighs four pounds is great. But don't look at the $1000 price tags advertised on these machines if you run lots of apps at once, do your own video editing, or use your PC to perform other processor-intensive computing. You'll probably need to customize your ultrabook with a 2.8 GHz of faster Intel i7 processor and get eight gigs of RAM along with a 256 GB solid state hard drive. That's probably going to drive the price of the machine to about $2000, and that doesn't even include a service plan and some other extras.


For advisors who never need computing power because they do not run multiple apps at once or use their computers to run desktop apps for portfolio reporting or other power-hungry tasks, a low-cost ultrabook will be fine. Many advisors are already switching to iPads and other tablets and say they rarely need a laptop or desktop.


I'd be interested from A4A users running their businesses on tablets. What are the problems?



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I think there's a middle ground. Look at MacBook Air sales. No, these machines aren't powerhouse workstations, but they provide a lot of computing power on the go. I have a 6.5 lb Dell workstation, and guess what? I hate it. It's too heavy to lug around. PS - it cost north of 2 grand, anyway. If I were in need of powerful laptop to lug around, I'd definitely pay up. Even if I didn't need a portable workstation, I wouldn't buy another main battle tank laptop. Ipad or MB Air - or a PC equivalent if they ever made something comparable to the Macs. I've never been a Mac fan, but the PC makers are woefully behind the times as far as what people want - in my humble opinion.
vguettlein , January 16, 2012

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