For Advisors Shopping For A Tablet, Microsoft’s Upcoming Release Of Surface Pro Is Worth Waiting For

Monday, July 23, 2012 09:55
For Advisors Shopping For A Tablet, Microsoft’s Upcoming Release Of Surface Pro Is Worth Waiting For

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Competition among tablets keeps growing and is pretty confusing. Most advisors, however, since they use a Windows operating system for work, would be wise to wait and watch for the Microsoft Surface Pro.

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Apple’s iPad has, of course, dominated the tablet market, and sets the standard. But the field has suddenly become more crowded, which Google’s recent release of its Nexus 7 tablet, which starts at just $199 and has a 7”display. It is getting rave reviews. Then there are raft of other options, such as the Nook (Android), Samsung Galaxy (Android), and Asus Transformer Infinity 700 (Android). All these choices of operating systems, form factors, and processors are pretty confusing.


Microsoft’s Surface Pro sets itself apart by being the first tablet ever aimed at business users. Surface Pro will run on Windows 8, Microsoft’s new operating system that is scheduled to be released by October 26.


Windows 8 is expected to revolutionize Microsoft’s solutions because you can run Windows 8 on your desktop and phone as well as a tablet one operating system and, thus, set of apps across all your computing devices.


While Microsoft’s operating systems are all widely criticized before they’re released, Windows 8 has brought Microsoft the most favorable pre-release press reviews in over two decades.   


Microsoft has been slow to join the hardware and software revolutions led by Apple and joined by Google. That’s because it has so many more users on its software and its are more complex and powerful. But new releases by the lumbering giant in coming months are likely to fend off threats to Microsoft’s dominance among business users.  

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Agreed. But don't you think that the best approach would be to wait for the second or third "update" of the MS software before committing to the whole enchillada from MS. They are notorious for rolling out major fixes months after the initial release. And it is worth noting that in the past 18 months we have seen a complete shake out of the tablet industry. New stuff keeps coming out that makes even the most recent technology completely obsolete. And some of the Android updates to it's software have been so buggy that it makes you want to roll back the installation to an earlier and more stable version. Buying into any of these platforms including Apple (although less so here but still a problem because of their almost catholic disregard for what the business community wants) is fraught with risk both from a purely investment perspective and from a tech perspective.
mitchellkeil , July 23, 2012
You don't need the whole enchillada and can wait to upgrade to Windows 8. Also, MS learned from the Vista disaster and Windows 7 was not as buggy as new MS OS's historically have been. Point is getting a tablet that can work on MS Office on a computer or tablet without hassle.
agluck , July 23, 2012

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