Surprisingly, Touchscreen Laptops Don't Suck, Reviewer Says

Monday, December 03, 2012 13:19
Surprisingly, Touchscreen Laptops Don't Suck, Reviewer Says

The new generation of Windows 8 laptops, ultrabooks, and tablets will be a paradigm change because these devices will combine a touch screen with a mouse for navigating your apps. The late, great Steve Jobs used to say that touchscreens would not work well on devices that stand up and Apple has stayed away from touchscreens on laptops, but Microsoft clearly think Jobs had it wrong. 

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Now, in a review about his experience in using a touchscreen laptop, The Verge's laptop reviewer validates the use of a touchscreen with a laptop. While citing some issues with the small graphics you have to touch to make the touchscreen work, I'm guessing we're seeing the beginning of a whole new way of running computers that combines mouse, gesturing, and touchscreen.


For any tablet user who has ever found himself touching his desktop screen to make it navigate, you know that touchscreens are convenient. With the new 2560 by 1600 resolutionsupported by Windows 8, it's only a matter of time before 30 inch ultra-high resolution touchscreens become common.

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