Nokia Lumia 928 Debuts On Verizon May 16, And Will Be An Attractive Alternatve To Advisors Using Windows In The Office

Saturday, May 11, 2013 09:09
Nokia Lumia 928 Debuts On Verizon May 16, And Will Be An Attractive Alternatve To Advisors Using Windows In The Office

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The Nokia Lumia 928, the best Windows phone ever offered by Verizon, the nation’s most reliable 4G wireless network, debuts next Thursday. It’s a big deal.
Windows phones have never been cool and became more and more irrelevant over the last decade. This is expected to be the first cool Windows phone ever, and it’s a major step in Microsoft’s mobile strategy.

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What’s almost too good to be true is that the Lumia 928 will cost just $99 after a $50 mail in rebate, as long as you sign new two-year service agreement. It will be available on May 16 at Verizon stores and In addition, for a limited time, you’ll get a $25 credit for Windows Phone apps and games with the purchase of the phone.
The tech press is all caught up with the camera on this phone. While the camera is cool, what advisors care most about is the Windows 8 touch interface and the phone’s integration with your office.
This phone runs on the Windows Phone 8 operating system, which means your phone can use many of the same programs you use in your office, like Word, Excel, and Outlook. You can access your private cloud and run it from your phone. With Windows 8 integrating touch devices with desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones, your technology gets standardized and, thus, easier to manage and use.
For advisors, using the Windows Phone operating system makes your strategy for moving to the cloud less confusing. It’s still confusing, but less confusing because all your computers are using the same operating system and apps. Hallelujah!
The Lumia 928 supports wireless charging, near-field communication, near field communication for electronic payments and exchanging data with other devices, and a great camera.



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Thanks Andy for the article. This seems timely as I will soon be in the market for a new phone. We use Windows in the office, so it seems that it could make sense to go with a Windows based phone, but I'm not sure I really know the extent of those benefits. Currently, I use an Android phone and an iPad.

I have read your other articles regarding the new Surface, so I gather that you see a real benefit to advisors using Windows based devices.

If you are ever able to elaborate on the benefits of using a Windows based device, I would be an eager listener/reader.

By the way, this phone does look and sound pretty cool. Since I can't get the HTC One on Verizon yet, this could be #1 or 2 on the list.

Thank you,
Vestpointe , May 12, 2013
Great question. Reasons have been mentioned in several posts. Maybe this needs a separate post. But some reasons that come to mind:

At, the 4th bullet says vintage apps like PortfolioCenter and Advent Axys do not have a Web version or can't be run on a Mac iOS. Plus, advisors use many other analytics and planning apps created only for Microsoft desktop computers. Since these are small tech companies, they may never get to the Web or beyond the Microsoft OS. But they're apps work great and give you reliable data and analysis. You can continue to run them with a PC.

Also in that story, I mention that the enemy you know--Microsoft--may be better than the enemy you don't know. Sure, Microsoft has its limitations and is infuriating at times. But the Apple iOS will give you a different set of problems and challenges and Google's Chrombooks just are not ready to a business, not yet, at least.

And if you have employees, keeping them all on one OS simplifies training and you're IT consultant is not maintaining two systems OS and all the updates and new versions.

In addition, Windows 8 merges touch and mouse-driven software into one interface, which Apple has not done yet.
agluck , May 13, 2013

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