New Surface Pro With 256GB Solid State Drive Arrives, But Wait For A Haswell Processor If You Can

Monday, July 01, 2013 17:19
New Surface Pro With 256GB Solid State Drive Arrives, But Wait For A Haswell Processor If You Can


Windows Surface Pro, the tablet and laptop all-in-one made by Microsoft, went on sale six months ago with a 128GB solid state drive. Today, a reseller posted a link to an upgraded version with 256GB of storage space.

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The 256GB Surface Pro posted to CDW is expected to become available for purchase in four to six days for $1199, which is what the 128 GB Surface Pro sold for. All the specifications remain the same as the 128GB Surface Pro, except for the additional storage space.
Windows 8 and the Office suite take up about 52GB. So having the extra storage will be good.  
Surface Pro is a half-pound heavier than an iPad, so it’s not as good as a tablet as the iPad. But it’s also a legitimate laptop with a 3rd generation Intel i5 1.8GHz dual-core processor. So it’s a lot more versatile than an iPad. With that i5 processor, advisors can run most desktop applications, including PortfolioCenter, for example, but you’d probably want more processor power for editing video and handling large graphics.
A couple of caveats for A4A members thinking about buying one of these machines.
  • The 10.6-inch display is really small. When you use the laptop on a desk in front of you, it’s big enough but you can’t perch the Surface Pro on your lap and work like you can with a 13-inch laptop.
  • A Haswell version of the Surface Pro and other tablet-laptops are likely to be available later this year. They will come with Intel 4th generation Intel processor, which will have twice or three times the four- to five-hour battery life that you get on the i5 version of the Surface Pro.  




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