Do You Think Smart Watches Are Actually Going To Catch On?

Thursday, September 05, 2013 15:21
Do You Think Smart Watches Are Actually Going To Catch On?

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At first glance I would have thought the answer would be no, but after purchasing one and using it for a while, I was quite surprised at how useful a smart watch can be.

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A Smart Watch is a watch that can make phone calls, surf the Web, take photos, display messages and tell you the time.


On September 4, in Berlin, Samsung announced the newest member to its line of innovative technology products, the Galaxy Gear smart watch.  The Galaxy Gear works by syncing with your tablet or smartphone through the Android software.  Although the smart watch is not a replacement for your cell, just yet, it is a nice companion that makes reaching into your pocket or digging through your purse to find your phone unnecessary.


However, Samsung is not the first company to put a smart watch out on the market.  I currently have the Pebble 0E70, and have to say I am quite pleased with it.  While it does not take pictures or make phone calls like the Samsung Galaxy Gear will, it still gives me the freedom to keep my phone in my pocket and not worry about missing a call or message.  If I receive a message the watch vibrates alerting me of the incoming message and displays the full message for me to read.  I can have my phone in my pocket and if a call comes in the watch vibrates me and shows me who is calling..


In the very near future the smart watch could make the smartphone extinct.  Once companies figure out how to take the smart watch from a companion of the smartphone to a fully functional standalone product the smartphones of today will become a distinct memory of the past. 


The next generation of financial advisors won’t be equipped with a laptop and smartphone; instead they will be walking around with a smart watch and a tablet. 


Read more about the Samsung Galaxy Gear:

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Aren't these gadgets just one more piece of software we have to keep up with?
holtby , September 30, 2013

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