Firefox 4 Launches; Should You Switch?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011 18:42
Firefox 4 Launches; Should You Switch?

Firefox launched yesterday and it's said to be at least twice as fast and as the previous version. Should you switch?

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Switching browsers is not easy. Getting to know any new software is difficult because you're under pressure to get your work done and probably don't have time to experiment with new software. But you may want to download Firefox and try it out because you may like more than what you are now using.


My suggestion: spend a few minutes downloading the program and then plan on tying it out over the next few weeks. If you do install it, you will be asked to make Firefox your default browser. Say no. You'll have time then to make it your default browser. If you take the time to learn about Firefox, you may like it better than what you are now using and you can then make it your default browser.


According to browser statistics from, Firefox is the most popular browser on the Internet, with 42% of all Web surfers using it versus 24% using Google Chrome and 27% using Microsoft Internet Explorer.


The new version of Firefox offers a simpler look, new privacy controls, and better ways to manage tabs. But its main improvement is in speed. Firefox 4 is two to six times faster than the previous version, according to Mozilla.


In addition to the short video below, check out this review.




Firefox is different from Google's Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer because its owned by a not-for-profit, the Mozilla Foundation. Mozilla in 1998 opened Netscape's source code to the public, and a community of developers dedicated to promoting open source software build add-ons for the browser. Firefox now provides thousands of add-ons or extensions, which help you customize your browser to your needs.


Google Chrome and Internet Explorer each also have a developer community that creates add-ons. While Chrome also offers thousands of add-ons, there are not nearly as many IE add-ons.




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