13 Productivity Tools From--Something For Anyone Willing To Try To Expand His Technology Horizon

Sunday, April 03, 2011 18:47
13 Productivity Tools From--Something For Anyone  Willing To Try To Expand His Technology Horizon

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You may not find every one of these apps to be great, but one or two can totally change the way you do things now. 

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Lists of "revolutionary" apps are common. This list focused on productivity and some of these apps have a large user base, which means they are indeed helping people.


One quick side note about why you want to try to new apps.


I resist sharing too many lists of "incredible" apps like this. I know you probably don't have the time to try out too many new apps.


As a professional, however, you need to make time. If you don't, you're likely to miss out on technology advancements. When it comes to technology, you'll stop growing in a crucial discipline of practice management.


With the rising popularity of app stores, mobile devices, and integration, experimenting new apps is more important. The abundance of apps means you can tailor your systems to your way of managing information and learning as never before. 


The time invested in trying out a new browser add-on or mobile app can yield big rewards. You'll reinvent internal processes and streamline your work.


Gaining efficiency by utilizing technology requires changing something, however, and change starts with making an investment of time.


Even if you never before made a strategic effort to devote time to researching new technology, you may want to consider setting up a system and goals ensuring that you are always evaluating new apps because of the growing convenience afforded by integration, tablets, and mobile phone apps.


So pick an app a week that you are willing to try when you see one of our lists if "fantastic" apps. Or pick one app a month, if that's what you're able to handle. Or, better still, assign someone in your firm to help you evaluate new apps.


Let me know what you think.



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Where's the list?
fcvajob , April 04, 2011
I added the link to the 13 apps the post. Sorry about that.
agluck , April 04, 2011

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