PowerPoint Tip For Advisors: To Give Great Presentations, Use "Presenter" View In PowerPoint

Friday, September 16, 2011 09:21
PowerPoint Tip For Advisors: To Give Great Presentations, Use

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If you use two monitors—and every advisor should by now use two monitors—the "Presenter View" in PowerPoint will enable you to run your slide show on one monitor while looking at (or reading) your notes on another monitor. Here’s how to turn on Presenter View.

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Presenter View is hidden in PowerPoint. I didn't know it existed until a couple of years ago, and I've used PowerPoint heavily for 15 years.


If you're using Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010, the button to turn on Presenter View is buried in the "Slide Show" section of the ribbon.


Simply check the box for Presenter View.


When you run your presentation as a Slide Show in Presenter View, it will appear on your main monitor as it always did before. However, your second monitor will display your notes as well as the current slide. Plus, you get a preview of slides to come. See the illustrations below.


Presenter View is great for giving webinars and live presentations. While no one should ever read from a script to give a presentation, seeing notes for each slide is a huge help. And no one but you knows you're looking at it because they're all looking at the slides.


Presenter View is great for making Slidecasts


















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Dave Shore
Great tip. It is so easy to miss very valuable ways to use these powerful programs.
Dave Shore
Dave Shore , September 19, 2011
I appreciate the feedback, Dave. Thanks. If others have PowerPoint tips or need an explanation of its behavior, please speak up.
agluck , September 20, 2011

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