Is Apple The Next Microsoft? Or Will It Reinvent TV?

Thursday, December 06, 2012 11:16
Is Apple The Next Microsoft? Or Will It Reinvent TV?

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Apple shares fell 6.4% yesterday, a $34.8 billion reduction in its market capitalization. Since mid-September, when its price peaked at over $700, Apple has lost one-quarter of its market cap.

Why? Because investors are wondering what Apple can possibly do to continue its decade long streak of breathhrough innovation, reinventing the way consumers listen to music as well as use computers and phones. What can Apple possibly do to keep up with its history of the last decade?

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From the look of the two month plunge, many investors are concluding that Apple’s best days are behind it. But in an interview scheduled to run tonight on NBC’s Rock Center news magazine, Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly hints that Apple plans to redefine the television set. For years, there have been hints that Apple's late CEO Steve Jobs was working on a new kind of TV, but not much else is known and tonight's interview could just be bluster to jawbone the free fall in Apple's shares.

With Microsoft attempting a comeback in computers and mobile devices after a decade of little innovation by copying Apple’s retail distribution and hardware manufacturing strategy, RIM about to launch a new OS for BlackBerry in an effort to hold on to what’s left of its market share, and Google’s OEM strategy continuing to gain adoption, Apple could be the next big tech company to lose its invincibility. But if it can actually

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