How To Use Your Touchscreen To Draw Anywhere On Your Desktop; Free App Will Make You A Better Presenter

Friday, January 24, 2014 13:44
How To Use Your Touchscreen To Draw Anywhere On Your Desktop; Free App Will Make You A Better Presenter

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 I just could not get a colleague to understand what I meant yesterday when I asked him to center horizontally two elements on a Web page.


He’s a really smart guy, but his mind’s eye just could not picture the concept.

I had sent him the picture below illustrating how the two Web page elements should be positioned horizontally centered, but he just did not get.

So we did a screen sharing session to literally “get on the same page.”

It was during that session -- the very first time I used Epic Pen -- that I saw the power of this free open-source app. Epic Pen enables users to draw anywhere across the desktop. You can download Epic Pen at

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How Epic Pen Works
Epic Pen's interface is dead simple. With the “Hide Ink” box unchecked, simply choose a color from a large palette.
The pen icon on the left turns off the pen. The second pen from left writes like a pen; the middle icon draws like a highlighter; and clicking the circles changes the width of your pen-line. 
Perhaps the coolest feature is how Epic Pen turns on and off.
When you check “Hide Ink,” your line drawings disappear from the screen and Epic Pen is turned off.  Howveer,  when you uncheck the box, you Epic Pen turns on, you go into drawing mode, and your drawings reappear on screen.
When the  box is checked and Epic Pen is turned on, and your mouse pointer can only be used for drawing in Epic Pen. This takes some getting used to. When I am in drawing mode, I found myself feeling helpless without the mouse to countrol actions. But this merely takes some getting used to.   
Making A Point
For a financial advisor and other business communicators, drawing on your dektop is helpful when sharing your desktop when meeting online or in-person.
When you show a prospect a financial planning report, being able to circle numbers on a chart helps the client understand what you're saying.
Being able to circile, underline, and scribble words to empasize a point engages your audience.
Watching someone drawing on-screenis is live TV. Its spontaneity is compelling to watch.
With my colleague yesterday, I scribbled on the screen to show the relationship between the two elments on the web page. Seeing my scribbles made it easier for my colleague to understand what I meant about horizontally centering objects on Web page. He finally got it when I scribbled on the screen to show him the precise points where the two elements were to be horizontally centered.  
Epic Pen is a great little app.  


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